Our Range of bespoke kitchens

Traditional kitchens

For a taste of the past. Whether rustic or regal, nobody can deny the sense of charm and warmth brought about by traditional kitchen designs. Learn more about our traditional bespoke kitchens.

Contemporary kitchens

For a cutting edge update. The minimalist sheen of contemporary bespoke kitchens design is befitting of both urban abodes and country escapes. Learn more about our contemporary kitchens.

Kitchen furniture

For those bespoke details. Our bespoke kitchen furniture is made with traditional craftsmanship in mind, guaranteed to bring a truly unique element to your home. Learn more about our kitchen furniture.

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Kitchen installation

For those bespoke details. Our bespoke kitchen furniture is made with traditional craftsmanship in mind, guaranteed to bring a truly unique element to your home. Because your bespoke kitchens must be unique. Learn more about our kitchen furniture.

Our projects of bespoke kitchens and furniture

Bespoke Kitchen Design

From the initial planning of your kitchen through to its installation, Squarepeg will do everything to make your visualisations a reality. Our small team of craftsmen and designers work together to produce hand built designs of all styles, whether it is traditional, shaker, contemporary, rustic or minimalist.

Custom Built Bedrooms

Give your bedroom a touch of bespoke comfort and care with Squarepeg’s custom built wardrobes and bedroom furnishings. With our unique handcrafted designs, your personality will be reflected in your most personal space. We have worked on bedrooms all around London and its surrounding counties, and we are always determined to understand and fulfil each of our clients’ individual needs.

Tailored Customer Orders

Since each client has different needs and budgets, we are always careful to ensure that your designs are fashioned according to your individual requirements. We build our own kitchens and furnishings, as well as install them with great accuracy and attention to detail.

High Quality Materials

Our custom furniture is built in our own London workshop, available in a choice of natural veneers, plywoods and MDF boards. In addition, we provide a full range of solid timbers, veneers, and paint finishes – whatever suits the design of your kitchen and home best!

Environmental Responsibility

We try our best to use lumbers sourced from recognized forests, both at home and abroad. By using established timber merchants who operate in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council rules, we ensure that the wood we use isn’t being sold illegally and fulfills the criteria set by relevant authorities.

Get in touch

If you would like to come and see the workshop, or if you would prefer us to come and see your home, feel free to and we’ll be happy to arrange a visit.